There is a light in Paw Paw at S Kalamazoo St. & W. Michigan Ave that has caused people to literally sit without moving for nearly a half hour and it's starting to get a little old. A local, Adrain M, said that he had been stuck at this light for 30+ minutes, and that it never changes and started to wonder if it was broken. Lights like these often operate off of an invisible laser that is posted up on the light across the street and pointed down at the road. When a car travels in the path of the laser it will send a signal to the light to change. But there may be something wrong with these.

Those cameras can definitely be funny from time to time and another resident shared in the frustration, siting an incident she experienced off of M-40:

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That has happened to me twice this week but turning left off M 40...I had to sit 3 rounds to figure out I wasn't close enough to intersection... I'm trained to stay back for the semi trucks at that intersection and also for the walkway for pedestrians...but honestly....I drive a lot and notice some of these lights actually have a mind of their own...but ambulance drivers also have a special gun that triggers to these lights. Technology failing again uuugh - Lisa N

On one hand, a lot of people are questioning why someone would wait 30 minutes for a light to turn, but on the other, we have to expect these things to work. If you're gonna use technology to try and keep the roads safe, it at least has to be in working order. People travel to work in the mornings and these issues can make you unnecessarily late. If the town hasn't done anything about this yet, they sure need to soon.

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