You've heard the saying, "Right place, Right Time?" What about "Wrong Place, Right Time?"

That seems to be what happened to Western Michigan Football alumnus Skyy Moore during this year's Super Bowl, and had he been in the Right Place, at the Right Time, he wouldn't have scored the Chiefs' final touchdown of the game!

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Footage is now being released by NFL films of the game, replaying it with some Mic'd Up moments on the NFL Network, and one clip, in particular, might stand out to WMU fans who were ecstatic for fellow Bronco Skyy Moore.

During the 4th Quarter, the Chiefs lined up in the red zone, driving for a go-ahead score. In real time, the play looked like a designed misdirection, isolating Moore on the left side, away from any of the Eagles' defensive backs.

But... that's not exactly true.

Yeah, the two receivers had lined up in the wrong spot, or at least ONE of them did. The way Mahomes tells it, he called the right play, but someone didn't get the memo.

"I know we were. I went to motion the right. I went to motion (Moore) on the other side. (Kadarius Toney) pointed that way, I was like, 'I don't know.' The play was the wrong formation. The clock was running down, I looked over and 'Uh oh, I'll run it.' I called it right, they lined up wrong."

Now, the question remains, WHO was the culprit? Was it Toney, or Moore? 

Toney certainly seemed like the more-likely suspect to get the toss as his touchdown came on the same play design earlier. But Moore had yet to catch the ball in the game, and could have been looking for his moment... which he certainly got.

Regardless of WHO was in the wrong spot, Moore went into the record books for catching a touchdown in the Super Bowl, and oh yeah.. just happened to be the first Touchdown of his NFL career.

Super Bowl Touchdown, and ring with the next GOAT of the league under a legendary coach... not bad for the rookie. Just, maybe double-check your playbook next season.

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