There is a young lady from Paw Paw, Michigan, who I have had the pleasure of writing about since she was nine years old who has an exceptional talent. Brynn Cummings, who is now 12 years old has been doing ventriloquism and hosting her own magic shows in the Magic Capital of the World, Colon, Michigan, for a few years now, but now she is on the biggest stage of her life, on America’s Got Talent.

Brynn had one chance to make an impact on the judges and the crowd, and not only did she perfectly nail it, but she also hit a grand slam, getting 4 'yes' answers from the judges, which means she has advanced to the next round.

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When asked what she would do with the $1,000,000 grand prize, she mentioned she would love to do a tour across the country, so a new tour bus would be in order, as well as a bearded dragon.

After receiving a standing ovation and advancing she let the tears flow, as she knew she had knocked her performance out of the park. With tears in her eyes, she rushed off-stage to her mother and father who all joined in a group hug. Terry Crews, who is also a Kalamazoo and Michigan and WMU Alumni, asked her what she was feeling:

This is the best moment of my life

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