I grew up during a time when hardly anyone wore seat belts.  Now I can't imaging not wearing one.  In fact, what used to feel uncomfortable to have to wear one now feels uncomfortable not to wear one.  The facts don't dispute that wearing a seat belt saves lives so why wouldn't you want to wear one.

I have heard people I know state that something like this shouldn't be imposed on them.  That it violates civil liberties, etc.  I look at it yet another way.  Wearing a seat belt is even more important to me and my family because of all the bad and distracted drivers out there and lets not forget it is the law.  Which leads us to Click It Or Ticket season which starts today and runs through June 3rd.  So be aware that not only will State Troopers be out in force but other law enforcement agencies will be gearing up to put an emphasis on buckling up.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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