A Schoolcraft favorite since 1952 shocked employees by closing its doors Sunday.

A bar closing on Superbowl Sunday with no advance notice to customers or staff is pretty crazy.  A now former employee, Shannon Dorko posted this on facebook,

If it’s not one thing, it’s another...my job for the last 10 years has closed its doors. Found out less than 2 hours before my shift today. Sad is an understatement. I will miss so many friends and customers I’ve met on my journey at Bud’s. Not even sure what to think, I’m in shock!!

We were unable to reach the owners by phone but found this reaction to the news on the Memories of Growing Up in Schoolcraft Michigan Facebook Page,

Brenda Simonson

WHAT!!! What will we do for class reunions

Christine Pulliam- Dage

I’m so heartbroken,it’s been the best job I have ever had! I met so many amazing amazing people,that I will always call my friends!
I loved my job as a bar tender and I loved working with both my children the past 7 years,today broke my heart! Thank you to the best bossman I have ever had

Kim Hill Wow

we ate there last night and had no idea.

Glenna J. Parker

So sad to see Bud's Bar close. It outlasted all but Marjo's (they don't serve liquor). Schnauzer's was bought by owner of Zebs but heard they wouldn't be opening for a while yet. So sad.

Steven Haller

Bud’s was the first stop for my gang in 1972 for my Bachelor Party. We all made it home with only one casualty

Dawn Pincumbe

Women's League Softball 1987+ Thursday nights were CrAzY


As soon as we get more details on the closing of Bud's Bar we will pass them along.


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