Like many of you I miss seeing concerts. The fact that this was the first Summer of my entire life that I didn't go to a concert was mind boggling.  I spent the entire Summer keeping myself busy with home improvement projects, exercising and getting in some golf.  I explored new adventures in outdoor grilling and finally made the plunge in buying a Kayak instead of always renting. It's been a great Summer but yet, something was always missing. Concerts.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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I miss the ambient noise that surrounds the venues before a big show. I miss the small crowds of parking lot tailgaters, red solo cup in hand whooping and hollering at everyone who passes by.  Rock horns up parking lot tailgaters - you rock! I miss the people watching as so many colorful characters stroll the venues along the many crowded aisles and walkways. Everyone always seems to be such a good mood.

Papa Roach And Alien Ant Farm In Concert
Front & center and ready to rock!

I miss hearing the murmured rumble of crowd noise from thousands of voices filling the arena with an excited vibe like no other. I miss the anticipation of knowing at any moment the venue will be plunged into darkness, simultaneously accompanied by the intense swelled roar of the crowd welcoming the band. I miss the band members strolling across stage to assume their places, giving us a wave as notes from the first song ring out.

Jagger At Wembley
Everybody put your hands together!

Even as cliche' as it is, I miss prompts from the band like: "Hows everybody doing tonight" and "Everybody put your hands together".  I miss guitar solos and drum solos. I miss the audience being forced to sing along to the chorus by themselves. I miss drunk chicks clumsily climbing on stage and quickly being escorted off, well...sometimes.  I miss how <insert name of city > is the best audience ever.  I miss the guaranteed two song encores. I even miss "Here a song off our new album" .

Queen Concert
You're the best damn audience ever!

I miss long lines to the bathroom. I miss the the long lines to get a $12 beer. I miss passing the shirtless stoned guy who is sitting in the middle of the aisle with his head in his hands. I miss the loud talking woman who thought she could still fit into the low cut shirt and tight jeans she use to wear twenty years ago.  I miss the girl who stands up, dances and screams at the intro of every song whether she knows the song or not. I miss the guy standing next to that girl with his hands in his pockets looking off and wishing he was anywhere else (sorry, I think I was having a Bon Jovi flashback). I miss hearing another shirtless drunk dude yell "Freebird" even though clearly we are not at a Lynyrd Skynyrd show.

Farm Aid 2007: A Homegrown Festival
I hold it so long it hurts...

I miss tripping over empty cups and other debris when trying to make my way out of the venue.  I miss seeing dudes and sometimes dude-ettes using the bushes and trees around the venue as a urinal.  I miss the super drunk chick crying and carrying on to her friends that she has been wronged by some unknown and unseen dude. I miss (the now awake) stoned shirtless guy pumping his fist in the air in the parking lot after the show as if he was conscience during the show and thought it was the greatest concert ever. I miss sitting in my car while it crawls to a stop every 6 inches as I attempt to leave the parking lot at a decent time. I miss a car load of fist pumping, car honking rowdies pulling up next to me screaming the blaring song lyrics to songs from the artist we just saw.

Enthusiasts Brave The Cold To Enjoy Year Round Surfing
DUDE!!! Such an awesome show!!!!

I miss hitting Taco Bell on the way home to get a Frito Burrito.  Oh, forgot, they don't sell Frito Burritos I'm really depressed.  I miss lying down in my bed and hearing the ringing in my ears.  That's when you know that it was a good show. Man, to have all that back now. I miss it all terribly.

Covid-19 you suck - I WON'T miss you!

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