The reaction to this Burger King closing may surprise you.

Micah J Seamam posted the following on the Vanished Kalamazoo facebook page,


He went on to explain in the comments, "Lease was up and corp didn't want to renew it."

Micah J Seaman
Micah J Seaman

The website Restaurant Business Online may have tipped off some to the closure when they posted a story titled "BURGER KING IS CLOSING MORE UNPROFITABLE LOCATIONS" on May 15th of this year that said the following,

Speaking to analysts Wednesday, Burger King executives said the company plans to close 200 to 250 low-volume locations per year over the next couple of years


Then there's the low ratings online.

The Burger King on Cork St in Kalamazoo had an average of 2 out of 5 stars on yelp, 2.3 out of 5 star on and a 3 out of 5 stars on tripadvisor.

Other than the mediocre to poor ratings I found a lot of reaction on facebook to the closing.

Tia Metzger

My kiddo works at a McDonalds on Riverview and the management has made noises about it potentially shutting down. Seems a lot of businesses shutting their doors all the sudden.

Mark Fricke

So many empty shells of closed Burger Kings. Portage Road, 9th St, now Cork

Benjamin Watson

Good, the service was just has horrible roundabout traffic, every time I got an order, they couldn't read.

Damian Harris

Used to go there all the time in high school, now when I drive by, it always looks like no one goes there anymore.

Eric Herman

Never had good service there. My last visit resulted in a complaint and I never went back. I hope the staff can find new jobs soon. Too many people are out of work in Kalamazoo.

Kelly Werner Lonsbury

It was so rundown

Peggy Rife

didn't have good experience there myself rude people

Jim Hoffman

I used to get a whopper combo every day for $1.25 for the three years I worked at Big Barney's Carwash that was next to discount tire back in the late 60's


What do you think about this Burger King closing?  What Kalamazoo area business do you think is next?



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