Is that giant pile of cans sitting in your garage becoming overwhelming? Truly, finding the time to take back bags and bags of cans has the potential to be challenging. However, there's another solution.

If you find yourself in the position where you can do without the (approximate) $10 per bag of cans, you can consider donating them.

In Battle Creek, the organization BCMI Sports for Littles will be accepting donations of rinsed-out cans and bottles which will go towards their Fall Fundraiser.

BCMI Sports for Littles, if you've never heard of them, is a volunteer-run organization that was established relatively recently after it was noticed that there weren't a lot of options for sports for children under 5. Their goal? To,

provide affordable, inclusive, accessible, and developmentally appropriate large motor skills development opportunities to youth, via sports leagues, classes, camps, and workshops as well as to offer adult education classes/workshops for the purpose of teaching/promoting motor skills development in youth.

You can read more on their website.

As far as your cans and bottles are concerned, the drive will be happening on Saturday, 11/20 at the Thall Fields at Bailey Park at 1350 Capital Ave. Northeast in Battle Creek. They are asked for rinsed cans and bottles which can be dropped off between 10 am - 12 pm. 

BCMI is hoping the funds raised will help bring even more programs for children to the Battle Creek area.

If you would like to donate your cans and bottles but can't wait until Saturday, 11/20, you are asked to message BCMI's Facebook page to make other arrangements.

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