First of all, I can remember driving without a seat belt, how uncomfortable I felt when it became the law and had to wear one and now NOT feeling comfortable unless I AM wearing one.  It all makes me wonder why people don't buckle up.  What's the big deal?  Is it the government telling them what to do?  Is it a false sense of security?  The only time I would ever get cited is if I was just getting started and don't have it on yet.  For that and other reasons, the number of people who were issued tickets really surprised me.

According to our friends at in Lansing, Michigan's Click It Or Ticket Enforcement Campaign ran between May 20th and June 2nd.  In those 14 days 8,145 traffic stops were made and 2,930 seat belt and child restraint tickets were given by 109 officers from local police departments, sheriff offices and state police posts in 38 counties.  Really???  Almost 3000 people just didn't have their seat belt on???  Check out more information by clicking HERE.

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