Frankie MacDonald is a popular YouTube creator with 187,000+ subscribers. MacDonald is also a crack meteorologist. He told us what to expect.

Since he was a little boy, Frankie MacDonald wanted to be a weatherman. He didn't go to trade school, he studied up on his own and signed up for a YouTube channel instead of class. With more than 187,000 subscribers, more people see this amateur prognosticator than watch the professionals on the nightly news. Since 2009, his hurricane warnings, typhoon alerts, dancing videos, stand-up comedy and "boisterous" weather warning videos have received more than 32 million views.

In a video posted to his page on January 26, the amateur weather wizard warned of a "major Winter storm" impacting Michigan. From his home in Nova Scotia, Canada, Frankie forecasts 6-12" of snow for most of the state including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and Detroit along with dangerous driving conditions and everything else you've been hearing about and have experienced.

The thing to love about Frankie is his enthusiasm and sheer determination- he packs a lot into this 2 minute forecast, including tips on filling up the car, doing grocery shopping, emergency preparedness, Winter driving tips, home safety and more.

Take a look and you'll agree Frankie MacDonald is YouTube personality who has a lot of personality.


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