Pearl Jam continues their Summer European Tour for a few more weeks.  They will return to the States and if you can't make it, the band has released  dates for their live bootlegs. 

According to Pearl Jam, they will begin to release live bootlegs of their European shows on July 24th.   Both Amsterdam shows will be out that day with other shows set to be out the next few weeks after that.

As for shows in North America they will play shows in Seattle, Boston, Chicago and Montana in August.

Live bootlegs are nothing new for Pearl Jam who record every one of their shows and release the majority of them for their fan club and the public.

The band offers their shows for purchase on their website and offer them on CD as well as downloads in MP3 and Flac formats.

You can check out all the shows the band have available and keep track of releases for more of their European shows here.

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