A lot of us are busting our butts to put food on the table and gas in our cars, yet we still have that spot of kindness in our hearts to help out our fellow man when we're able. Whether we regularly donate to Goodwill, help out at The Mission, or even donate a dollar annually to help feed local children, we are more than happy to make a difference. But no one likes it when their kindness is abused and taken advantage of. That's exactly how a car dealership in Brighton, Michigan feels.

The folks at Brighton Honda have posted a sign under the hood of one of their cars regarding a particular panhandler that spends time around their dealership. Their message is quickly going viral.

It reads:

Please Do Not give anything to this Panhandler.

We offered him a job at $10.00/HR.

He said:

"I make more than any of you"

and he did not want a job.

please donate to a more worthy cause.

Not everyone in need is taking advantage of their situation, but when an able-bodied person is so smug as to turn down a hard day's work to, instead, cheat people out of their money, I cannot abide. It makes us charitable people suspicious of lending of hand. That having been said, I'm glad this dealership is giving their customers a heads-up. They sniffed out a rat, so you don't waste your time on an undeserving person.

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