We've discussed the fact that given the rise in rent, Traverse City may become unlivable in the next 5 years for the lower middle class, but concerns are rising regarding the state of our country by the end of the century. By then, most of us will be long gone, but it does make you wonder what the climate will be like in 2100. It turns out, many cities in Michigan may be the best place to be.

Popular Science put together a video breaking down talking about the impacts of climate change and how it will affect the rest of the country...except for Michigan. By the end of the video, it becomes very apparent that Michigan will be the best place to live once the entire country bursts into flames, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

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In an article published on their site, they break down an explanation of their prediction:

Season after season, extreme weather bombards the continental United States. Over the next 83 years, its cascading effects will force U.S. residents inward, upward, and away from newly uninhabitable areas. But don’t worry: We’ve mapped out how these factors will alter the country’s landscape in 2100. Now go nail a quality spot while the pickings are still slightly more plentiful.

Zooming in on where they placed their markers in the video below, it looks like the following cities or areas in Michigan will be best suited for humans once climate change takes a grasp on our planet:

*Traverse City

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