Hands up! Cedar Point has clearance from the Ohio governor and will finally open the park for the 2020 season- it's 150th anniversary.

Cedar Point had a memorable year planned for their 150th anniversary, and 2020 sure has been a year to remember. The venerable theme park opened on the shores of Lake Erie in 1870, and has remained closed so far this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio has different rules than Michigan, and the company has just gotten clearance from Governor Mike DeWine to open for business. CEO Richard Zimmerman shared a message at cedarpoint.com on June 5:

As a result of ongoing discussions with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. John Husted, we are very pleased to announce that our Ohio parks, including Cedar Point and Kings Island, have been cleared to reopen. We will provide specific opening dates just as soon as we confirm details with the governor. We appreciate the cooperation and support of all those that are working hard to help us and the state of Ohio reopen.

-Cedar Fair Entertainment Company  CEO Richard Zimmerman

Cedar Point had a big year planed to mark the 150th anniversary, including a ticket for a lifetime giveaway, music festival weekends with live bands, vintage merchandise and more. They pivoted to honoring "everyday heroes" with lifetime passes, and had just started offering reservations at their beachfront hotels on June with the pitch "no coasters, no problem." The sesquicentennial anniversary celebration has been pushed to 2021.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company also owns Michigan's Adventure. Our state's largest amusement park is still in discussions with Governor Whitmer for a reopening date as of this writing.

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