After the Kansas City Chiefs won yet another Super Bowl, a former University of Michigan Quarterback celebrated his 2nd Super Bowl ring with a beer in his hand and announced his retirement from the game.

Former U of M QB Chad Henne has played a pivotal role in the Chiefs' offense as a solid backup to Patrick Mahomes and has helped lead them to championships, which is why this victory is the cherry on top of a storied career that he's ready to finally move on from. After the game he posted a photo to his Instagram announcing he's ready to retire and enjoy life after football:

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Many have commented on ESPN's sharing of the post on social media and have shown support for the decision and offered him some kind words to take home with him:

Might have not played a lot but they don’t get here without him stepping in and delivering against Jacksonville. That game could have gone sideways in a hurry. He’s every part of the team that played on the field tonight. As a Phins fan. I’m happy for him.

While others mainly focused on the glory and financial accomplishments:

2 Super Bowl Rings, 15 Seasons and 38.6 million dollars. That's a very successful career.

Regardless of what he made or won, it's always great to see a former Wolverine go out on top and hope he enjoys the fruits of his hard work. GO BLUE.

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