Congratulations, again, to the Michigan Wolverines for the 2024 CFP National Championship Win, AND their first undefeated record for a title. It's an incredible feat to accomplish, and of course, all of Michigan (aside from any Spartans out there) were in full force Monday night after the win to celebrate.

Some were pretty standard, cheers in the street, confetti, all that good stuff. But then... there were the crazy ones, the big emotional ones, and the just... odd ways to celebrate a victory of this magnitude.

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Michigan Fans Watch the CFP National Championship
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Take to the Streets

Raucous celebrations in the street are typically the norm for any kind of championship nowadays, but it's still odd to me to destroy a city block to celebrate a win. Students and residents in Ann Arbor took to the streets in droves to climb lights, pull down street signs, and even light a handful of fires.


In fact, there were 17 fires reported by police in Ann Arbor Monday Night, into Tuesday morning after the team's win.

One fire set was even at the "The Rock," which is a university landmark near Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street, known for being painted with messages throughout the year.

Mr. Brightside

A watch party at Crisler Arena with hundreds of students and fans got pretty crazy, too, especially toward the end of the game. But once the game ended, fans stormed the court, and joined in singing the "unofficial anthem" of Michigan, "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers.

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It was a pretty special moment that many of these fans will never forget.

That Poor Reporter

WXYZ in Detroit sent out a reporter into the streets to cover the fan celebration live, which is almost ALWAYS... NEVER... a good idea. And while the reporter does a good job playing along with the fans (also, props to the camera man holding up his rig in and amongst the mob), you can just see the pain, and struggle in his eyes.

At one point, I even feared he was gonna be abducted by fans, and sacrificed on a couch.

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Who Has it Better than us?

And of course, one of the best, and most memorable moments from Monday Night... while on stage, as the confetti flew, and Jim Harbaugh sized up the CFP National Title Trophy, he handed the mic over to his dad, who had one question to ask the fans of Michigan...


@collegesportsonly Jack Harbaugh was HYPED. 〽️ #collegefootball #cfb ♬ original sound - College Sports Only

Nobody, indeed. BONUS: No Highlights, No Problem And finally, one of the greatest things to come out of the National Championship, a news station in Michigan was denied highlights from the game, so... they drew themselves, and it is... pure joy.  

Again, congrats Michigan Fans, and a formal celebration with the team is tentatively scheduled for this Saturday in Ann Arbor.

See how Ann Arbor Celebrated the 2024 National Championship for the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan closed out the 2023 college football season undefeated and national champions. Michigan universities, ahem Michigan State, have something of a reputation for wild celebrations after sports wins. So how did things go in Ann Arbor on January 8, 2024? Take a look.

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