Last night Detroit Lions fans everywhere sat at home and watched what was at best in the mediocre first half of the Super Bowl. There is a lot of goodness from Detroit Lions fans as we feel that there’s no reason they shouldn’t have been playing the Chiefs last night. Sadly, they blew the lead in the NFC championship game, and it was in the Super Bowl for San Francisco.

That game has left a bitter taste in a lot of Lions fans' mouths, but there’s one other thing that has left an even more bitter taste in all NFL fans' mouths and that is Taylor Swift. Last night I’m sure it sickened everyone who is sick of hearing and seeing about her, going on the field and celebrating her new boyfriend Travis Kelce‘s back-to-back Super Bowl championship win.

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Are The Chiefs The NFL's Golden Child?


This brings up the question of whether the NFL is going to start showing favoritism towards the Kansas City Chiefs not for being a good football team but for the added spotlight of the billionaire musician Taylor Swift.

Then brings up the question as to whether Taylor Swift is bad for the NFL as a whole. Well, the first thing we need to do to determine this is to figure out if you were one of the many people who were angered, and annoyed by seeing her on the field celebrating with her boyfriend. If you were, sadly, your opinion may not be valid.

People Love To Hate

I think it’s common knowledge that people love to watch you grind and make something of yourself, but once you’ve made something of yourself people love to hate on you. This may be the case with Taylor Swift. People have been complaining about how much the stations show her at Chiefs games, but there was a study that showed Taylor Swift is only shown on television 0.46 percent per game or 44 total seconds of the broadcast.

It’s also important to remember that Taylor Swift has one of the largest fan bases in the world, and by making herself a part of NFL broadcasts, she’s adding more eyes to the product that may have not watched it before. All over the Internet though, feeds are filled with grown men, expressing their hate and anger towards Taylor Swift for just being at a football game and being excited.


Why Gatekeep A Sport?

Is she not allowed to be a football fan? An argument could be made that bitter angry men are worse for the NFL than Taylor Swift is. I’m not a big fan of her music because I’m not her target audience.

But that has nothing to do with her being a fan of the sport. I think when it comes down to it people just don’t like to see other people happy especially when they are rich. So what do you think? Is Taylor Swift bad for the NFL or are grown men who sit on the computer or their phone and trash her online worse?

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