Did anyone have "Unnaturally Large Snakes" on their 2020 Apocalypse Bingo Cards? If so, today is your day!

Gobles resident Lace Lee shared some pictures on the Gobles Now Facebook Group of a rather large snake that slithered its way on to her grandmother's property. Her post, along with two pictures of the snake says quote, "Anyone missing a python? Found in my grandmas yard this morning in town!" Click here to see the post, the pictures, and the nearly 90 comments that range in emotion from absolute terror to people wanting to pet the wee beasty.

Now, I'm not one to run around with my hair on fire that somehow pythons are now something we have to worry about in The Mitten. After all, Michigan has 18 different species of snakes indigenous to the area, and only one is deadly. However, there have been stories of exotic pets being let go in the wild by people who could no longer care for them, which then breed with native species and produced horrifying hybrids of the Arachnophobia variety (remember how great John Goodman was in that movie?). Of course, that mostly happens in Florida, because... well... Florida.

According to the owner of the property that the snake was discovered on, the creature was captured and was waiting to be reunited with its owners, who, perhaps need to invest in a hardier lock for their snake's terrarium...

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