Chicago style hot dogs are legendary around these parts. And if you've ever had one you know what toppings they contain and what they leave off.

Vienna Beef dog on a poppy seed bun with mustard, onion, tomato, relish, pickle, sport peppers and celery salt. But no ketchup. Not ever. But what about Chicago Dog Sauce?

So what exactly is Chicago Dog Sauce? It's a new product from Heinz. Heinz, you know the Pittsburgh based world famous ketchup maker.

So what sets Chicago Dog Sauce apart from regular ketchup? Um, nothing. It is ketchup. Just a tricky way of wooing ketchup loathing Chicagoans into enjoying the red stuff on their dogs. Check out some of the startled reactions in the video below.

Oh, and if you want to order your own bottle of ketchup, er, Chicago Dog Sauce, Heinz is selling a limited edition glass bottle with a special Chicago Dog Sauce label.

[h/t DNAInfo]

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