Take a holiday stroll through the candy canes of Bronson Park and see the pedestrian mall lit up on a Christmas Eve walk through downtown Kalamazoo.

Fritz Klug has the holiday spirit of giving. He shared this message on his YouTube page:

This holiday season is different and one of the things that has brought joy and some sense of normalcy is all of the holiday lights downtown Kalamazoo. I realized walking around on Christmas Eve that not everyone can see them this year, so I made this video for folks to experience a little bit of it.

The six-and-a-half minute video has scenes that will be familiar to anyone who has ever lived in the Mall City. It begins at Candy Cane Lane in Bronson Park, made famous in the Narada Michael Walden song "Candy Cane Park." A light snowfall adds to the magic of Christmas Eve as the camera walks under the updated candy canes that caused so much controversy in 2019. What you may not have yet seen in Bronson Park if you haven't been down there this year, is an arch made up of what looks like ten of the original candy canes. Look for it just after the 2:00 mark in the video below.

You also get a good look at hundreds of merry and bright sparkling Christmas lights in Bronson Park, and a serene manger scene before the scene shifts to the nearby Kalamazoo Mall, where all the stores are decorated for the holiday season. Look for other Kalamazoo landmarks in the video, like City Hall lit up in red and green, and the Santa on the Mall. Even if you stayed warm and comfy at home, you can recapture the magic of Christmas Eve in Kalamazoo by watching this video. Thank you, fritz!

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