The downtown Kalamazoo nightlife has not been the same since quite a few businesses have shut down since even before the pandemic started. Places like the Piano Bar and Wild Bull definitely gave Kalamazoo a more upbeat, and lively downtown kind of vibe.

But places like that I’ve been closed for quite some time now and many feel the downtown area is kind of lacking when it comes to the nightlife. It seems that Wild Bull however could be making a resurgence and re-opening soon as multiple people have stated that they are currently looking for a general manager.

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Current Job Listings


There are multiple listings on a couple of websites like Glassdoor and Indeed that say they are looking for a general manager for Wild Bull at 139 South Edward St. The page itself has yet to make any kind of formal announcement, but considering there are job listings currently available, one would imagine that they are getting ready to re-open many businesses took a hit during the pandemic so for this one to reopen, would add to the things to do and hopefully revitalize a local staple business.

I saw job opening on Glassdoor while looking for job openings. Seems they are looking for a bar manager for "re-opening". So not sure really.

There's a rumor that the owner of Wild Bull had some issues during the pandemic in regard to weddings that were supposed to take place at the venue, which led to financial struggles, but nothing has been made public about what that entailed or how the business was affected. We'll have to wait and see if they really do plan on opening again, or if this is just an old listing.

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