These home movies of Christmas in Kalamazoo will take you back fifty years. See Candy Cane Lane in Bronson Park circa 1970 in these photos and video.

Home movies. Those two words used to elicit an audible groan. There's something different, though, about other watching people's vintage clips shot on Super 8. YouTube is easier to fire up than the projector, your handheld device is better than that gigantic retractable screen and most importantly, there's a fast-forward button.

We're betting you'll enjoy every second of this three minute movie shot in downtown Kalamazoo at Christmas circa 1970. Remember when the remodeled Candy Cane Lane caused a big kerfuffle in 2019? Here they are, the nearly new leaning candy canes, providing the backdrop as a father and his three children (is mom running the video camera?) frolic in Bronson Park on a Winter's day.

Christmas in Bronson Park circa 1970

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