Ann Arbor, Michigan. The home to the University of Michigan, decriminalization of marijuana, Hash Bash and the Naked Mile, is once again taking taking cultural competence in drug therapy to the next level. The council believes seeking criminal charges for the usage of mind bending plants shouldn't be a law enforcement priority. So much so in fact, that they have moved to pass a resolution that states the positive nature and benefits of such usage.

Here's how the Resolution read:

“The use of entheogenic plants, which can catalyze profound experiences of personal and spiritual growth, have been shown by scientific and clinical studies and traditional practices to be beneficial to the health and well-being of individuals and communities in addressing these conditions’’

I think all those fancy $10 words means shrooms are good for you. Or whoever wrote it was tripping on shrooms.  Regardless, it sounds like we all could use a little spiritual growth from time to time but not this way.  Don't know about you but I'm just a tad uncomfortable when it comes to mind altering anything. I like to be in control and be coherent enough to know my limits when imbibing. My greatest fear would be sitting down to chew on some peyote cactus and next thing I know its three days later and I'm pants less on top of Mt. Rushmore screaming lyrics to a Phish song.

Nope, I appreciate you and your cause Ann Arbor but count me out. I'll get my personal growth from a Disney movie or a good inspirational meme.

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