Well, it's about time. I have been called Scrooge and any number of other names, when the topic of Christmas comes up. But it comes from all these years of being a guy. Can I get an "Amen?" Just because I may find all the Hallmark movies sappy, predictable and completely unrealistic doesn't make me wrong.

I bet most guys would tell you they love Christmas as much as the next guy, but throw us a bone. And I believe the Gilmore Car Museum just did. They are starting a new holiday tradition under the umbrella of Winter Wonderland (there's a family friendly term). And while automotive related stuff generally appeals to guys, there's still a bunch of stuff that can appeal to the rest of the family.

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(Photo: Gilmore Car Museum)

Some of the display attractions are Santa's Hot Rod Shop; father and kids bonding there. And here's a blast from the past: a re-creation of a Christmas tree lot, and right there with it, a camper trailer. (Visions of a Norman Rockwell drawing or something like the Christmas Story movie.)

While many of the displays play on the nostalgic theme, there's also a high-tech element involved. Bluewater Technologies out of Grand Rapids is doing light displays, audio-visual things, and light projections.

What To Expect

The experience starts with you piling the kids into the car (just like dad did with you, all those years ago. You'll drive through the Gilmore campus at Hickory Corners. Along the way, some 25 displays including a vintage auto dealership.

(Photo: Gilmore Car Museum)

When you get to the indoor displays, there's a "festival" of trees, all the cars on display and even Santa Claus.

This event starts November 24th and goes to January 9th. It'll be open Wednesday through Sunday, and with the time change, the earlier darkness play into enjoying the light show even more. You can get specific information and buy your tickets here.

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