Billed as "a handmade vodka crafted for your luxurious lifestyle," Climax Vodka is looking for a slogan. Facebook stepped up to help.

Yes, this is a real thing and it is named after the village between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. (What were you thinking?) Set to launch at the end of September, Climax Vodka is looking for a marketing slogan, so they asked Facebook. The results didn't disappoint.

  • Nothing is better than Climax
  • Start your night with Climax
  • Hits the high point
  • Everyone Deserves a Climax
  • Climax, it hits the spot!
  • Climax, it always satisfies
  • Reaching extraordinary heights.. Climax
  • It's smooth at the top
  • The up and coming
  • Climax your tastebuds
  • Bring the night to a climax
  • From Climax to Climax
  • Because every encounter should begin and end with Climax
  • The name speaks for itself

There are some really good ones here, but I'm hoping they use my suggestion: "Climax Vodka: 'I'll have what she's having.'"

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