HO, HO, HO - here you go! Put some fun into your next Christmas gathering with Holly Jolly Jello Shots!

What's a Christmas party without some Christmas 'spirits'? A traditional Christmas jello salad is pretty blah (my grandma put carrots in hers - ugh). You can spice up that lame jello salad by turning it into shots and adding vodka. Duh. This particular Holly Jolly Jello Shot does not have a ton of ingredients (love that) and has vodka. Did I already mention that ?

All you need is the following:

  • Water
  • Cherry Jell-O
  • Lime Jello-O
  • Sweet Condensed Milk

Even I can put this together. Follow the video for instructions and sip vodka while you wait for the shots to set. You will see in the video, that these particular shots are topped with whipped cream, a mint and a cherry. Not necessary - the presentation looks nice, but certainly not required ingredients. If you do make these, drop one off for me here at the station. Thanks in advance.


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