Dog owners?  I don't know about you but we are having a hell of a time keeping the fleas off our dog Gracie.  We're not sure if this is an unusually bad year for fleas but WOW!  The other issue is the normal procedures we use don't seem to be working as well as they should.  Add to that, Gracie is 14 years old and not in the best shape so the new information that common flea and tick medication could cause neurological problem has added to our household stress.

According to an article I saw on, the FDA is alerting us that some of the stuff we normally use in the way of shampoo, collars, applications and yard treatments may cause the dog or cat to experience seizures, muscle tremors and other side affects.  They are also asking pet owners to report anything unusual that may be occurring.  In our case, the last few years have been doubly stressful because you have a dog with fleas and a house with fleas.  We continue to look for better answers.  For more information on what to look out for click HERE.

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