It's a hell of an accomplishment to say you've lived to see the world through 100 years, but that's what one lifelong Comstock resident can say, as on November 2nd Kenneth Dunlap celebrated the beginning of his 100th year on earth.

As the Charter Township of Comstock shared, there was really only one time Kenneth wasn't an active resident of Comstock, but for the most honorable of reasons:

Comstock has a new Centenarian today. Kenneth Dunlap is turning 100 today. He spent his entire life in Comstock, except when he was deployed during the Second World War. He was also inducted into the Comstock High School Hall of Fame in 2013, having earned 15 variety letters. He and his 3 siblings served in WW2. His brothers in the Navy and Marines and his sister in the WAAC. Please join us in congratulating Kenneth on his 100 years. We have more on his past century here:
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A Long History in Kalamazoo

If Kenneth's last name sounds familiar it's because he belongs to the Dunlap family who owned the orchard off Knapp's Rd in Kalamazoo. When asked about his birthday and the time spent in Comstock, he is taking it all in stride:

What’s it like when you’re about to turn 100? It’s about the same as it was when you turned 50. Comstock didn’t change, except they tore the old High School down.

Until her passing in 2021, Michigan's oldest resident was Ellen Goodwill of Battle Creek who lived to be 114. I'm sure Kenneth doesn't mind trying to see his 115th. Happy Birthday, Ken!

Michigan's Oldest Person

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