Unfortunate news has once again been released as a staple sporting venue in Kalamazoo that has hosted many leagues and many family nights out will be closing for good. Eastland Exite-A-Bowl recently made the announcement that not only have they sold the building and will close operations, but also that the building will no longer host a bowling alley:

Eastland has been Sold. We will no longer be a bowling alley. Thank you everyone for all your support over the years. We had a good run, and we will miss you. 😔💔 Just Smile and Wave, Boys.

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Remembering The Lanes

People are already grieving the closure because this was a staple spot for the Comstock area that many saw as the best place to go bowling and be a part of a league. But there are those who believe the closure may be the fault of those who say they cherish it the most:

Everyone talks about it being their go-to place, etc. they are closing because they had no business. It’s cool to have a go-to place or a great memory at a place. But small businesses like this one need you to show up to survive. Unfortunately in this situation, nobody did show up (me included). We lose another local place that shaped a lot of local bowlers. So sad.

Guess What? ANOTHER Storage Garage

When asked why they were closing, one of the owners informed them of why and what they believe it will become:

We were informed Friday. It's never recovered from Rog's passing, and from what I understand it is going to be an indoor/outdoor storage. Thank you for all your support.

YUP! Another storage building. Exactly what we need in the area. Personally, I'm a little bummed it isn't gonna be a dispensary or car wash.

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It's recently been made public that the owners of the Snowden Sunset Lanes building are now looking to sell the bowling alley in the hopes that the business can once again thrive under new ownership.

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