We've all had our fair share of unpleasant apartment situations, but a recent report from News Channel 3 takes a look at a very disturbing set of circumstances for the residents of Fox Ridge Apartments in Kalamazoo who say that conditions there are absolutely unlivable. They claim that management will not take care of cockroach infestations, dead mice in walls, basic cleaning. The management company, on the other hand, says that they have maintenance staff clean daily and the biggest issue they face is not being able to evict problem tenants due to the pandemic's eviction moratorium.

Photos of the conditions were posted on Facebook by resident Kylene McCreary, a mother of two who claims, among other things, that since she moved in, her home has been broken in to and her vehicle has been tampered. The photos show a stairway landing littered with trash and a dead mouse in an overhead light fixture. McCreary has contacted Housing and Urban Development and the City of Kalamazoo only to have her concerns fall on deaf ears.

What are you rights as a tenant in conditions that are unhealthy or unsafe? According to a website about renter's rights, tenants can file complaints with the city if health and safety laws of units and common areas are being violated, repairs are not done in a timely fashion, paint is chipping, or there is an interruption of any utilities. Roaches in the hallways and dead mice would definitely fall under "unhealthy and unsafe" for me.

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