There have been a lot of: "Could/Would you _____for $______?  Most of the time you see it and go "ya I could do that"!  Then you think it through and realize it's not as doable as it sounds.  So how about staying in bed for 2 months?  For those of us who don't get enough sleep, that's sounds like a "dream" come true.  But could you really stay in bed for 60 days???

Well, according to an article on, the folks at NASA are looking for people who can do just that and I think we know why.  it's actually NASA and The European Space Agency looking for volunteers in order to measure the effects of weightlessness on the body and, apparently, being in bed simulates that sufficiently.  The testing takes place starting in September in Cologne, Germany and, of course, there are specific qualifications the participant must meet.  For those specifics and more information, click HERE.



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