If you're like me you're fascinated with homes of all types; well almost all.  Not a fan of the "Tiny" house craze.  I trend just the opposite.  The gigantic homes, the unique homes like Frank Lloyd Wright, and, of course, the weird houses.  But not too weird.  A place to live has to be cool to live in not just cool looking.  Well, msn.com decided to find the "Craziest Home" in every state in the country and their choice from Michigan is just down the road.

Before we get to our "crazy" let's take a look at some of my favorites from across the country.  Goose Creek Tower in Alaska, The Milton Futuro House in Delaware, Caveland in Missouri, Falling Water in Pennsylvania and The Guitar House in Georgia.  Now for the selection in Michigan.  It's on the corner of Mansion and Kalamazoo in Marshall- The Honolulu House.  Built in 1860 by Michigan Supreme Court Justice Abner Pratt who wanted to mimic the Loloni Palace in Hawaii.  To this day it's considered by many to be the most impressive home in the state.  Check out all the homes and see which is your favorite by clicking HERE.

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