I think we'd all agree that this Winter has been a real ass kicker.  Sure, it may not qualify as the worst Winter in our lifetime but because of the recent mild Winters it kinda feels like it is.  So what do we have to look forward to?  Well it's March.  That's a start but it's seems like it's going to be a long road to actual warmth.  I think we need to think about Summer and booze and now we have something on the way that encapsulates both.

According to thisisinsider.com, Costco is going to offer Vodka Popsicles!!!  They're 100 calorie boozy popsicles that come in 4 flavors with premium vodka and a splash of vermouth.  We're talkin' Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletinni and Lemon Drop.  We've come a long way from the do-it-yourself boozesicles.  Remember those?  You mixed up a pitcher of you favorite fruity concoction and then poured it into the old ice trays with tooth pics and plastic wrap.  It was like a frozen jello shot!  Anyway, if you want more information just click HERE.


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