There have been some pretty epic stories of people doing things to leave little Easter eggs on Google Maps in Michigan. Then there are the ones who were sadly caught off guard and are stuck in an embarrassing moment in time until the new Google vehicle images get created. One family in Frankenmuth used their farm as an opportunity to leave a nice message for anyone who was smart enough to zoom in one their home from the sky, and one person finally found it:

I was on the road today going west from Vassar. When I got home I went to my Maps program and retraced my trip using the satellite view. As I zoomed in as far as it would let me following the same route I had taken, I found something quite amusing.
Hint:. Open your Maps program and type in directions to 12681 Holland road Frankenmuth Mi.. Go to satellite view and zoom in as far as you can and tell me what you see.
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Weeding Out

There's another funny sky view from Google Maps when you type in M-65 & Andor Road, Ossineke Township, MI and you look a bit to the east, there's a guy who planted trees years ago in the shape of a pot leaf.

There are quite a few images that we found on Google Maps which need a little explaining, and maybe other people can send us some more locations to add to this list. Let's check out some of the stranger ones we found:

Crazy Images You Can See In Michigan Off Google Maps

This has everything from creepy, to weird to fun. If you know of anymore, please let us know so we can add to the list.


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