My Wife and I were lucky enough to check out three ball parks on our recent vacation.  Somehow the dates aligned and we saw games in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

The first game of our trip was The Detroit Tigers against the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.  My wife has been there before I have not.    This park, out of the three I saw on our trip was my least favorite, but I don't really have anything bad to say about it.  I liked the history of the team they had on display.  The statues of past players, the shower from the old stadium.  I also thought it was cool that they have home plate marked from the original Comiskey Park across the street.

Miller Park in Milwaukee I wish we had more time to explore.  The game we saw was the Chicago Cubs in town to play the hometown Milwaukee Brewers.   I figured there would be Cubs fans there, I didn't expect it to be 3/4 of the fans there to be Cubs fans it was crazy.   I liked all that Miller Park had from the food  to Bernie Brewer to the Sausage Race.  The downside was the roof was open the day we were there.   I figured it would be closed because it was nearly 100 degrees.  Hope to catch another game there someday when it is less humid.

Photo by Fly
Photo by Fly

The last park we got to visit was Target Field in Minneapolis.   It was the hometown Twins against the Atlanta Braves.  Not a very marquee matchup as both teams are in the bottom of their divisions.  I didn't care I wanted to visit this park and I am glad we went.

The food is awesome My Wife and I tried the Walleye and Pork Chop on a stick.  Those are from the concession stand that celebrates the food of the Minnesota State Fair. Everything looked great there and one stand for burgers had a huge line, may have to check that out next time in I'm there.  Great site lines for a game, very intimate setting too bad the Twins are down or this place would be rocking every night. A nice stadium that I highly recommend.

I also give props to a couple of the folks in the team shop for Twins.  My Wife and I both wore Tigers hats (its all we have) and they asked us what we thought of the stadium and suggested we get first time visit certificates from guest relations.  Didn't know we could do that otherwise would of got them for the other two parks.   Three nice ball parks and if you can make the schedules work, its worth to visit all three.  Hopefully My Wife and I can make a return trip to all three someday.


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