Reassembled but left outdoors, the Portage landmark merry-go-round is giving rides once again.

It was shocking when the merry go round at Crossroads Mall was suddenly dismantled and shipped out of town after 13 years. The last-minute notification came on March 10:

As you can see this is bitter sweet
We will miss all your faces and smiles
We thank you for a awesome 13 years
I understand it’s being moved to Miami if you see her send us a photo
Again that you all so very much😥❤️🙏~ Crossroads Mall Carousel

Now, a Portager with sharp-eyed relatives in Florida has shared a photo of the carousel in its new home: Miami, Florida. Patricia Ann posted on the I Love Portage Facebook page:

Strange fun fact. My brother in Miami and my awesome sister-in-law knows how sad I was about the carousel being taken out of Crossroad mall it its now in Miami she sent me these pictures at the Miami Fairgrounds.

As you can clearly see the Crossroads logo, we know this is "our" merry go round. We're sad to miss it, but happy to see it already bringing joy to kids and families.

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