The owner of Crossroads Mall has not been making very many friends lately, in fact, their drama with the city of Kalamazoo has only been starting as they recently announced that the bus shelter that’s located outside of the mall would be removed.

This comes shortly after the legal battle between the owner of Crossroads Mall in Portage, a retail investment group, that was attempting to sue the Kalamazoo County Transit Authority over the condition of the roads and saying that Kalamazoo County Transit Authority never paid the mall to use its roads for bus routes. Now there is some heavy feedback from the community who is angry that the bus shelter will be removed.
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As much as we joke about them, Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo Meme Page shared a tweet from another meme page on Twitter, Great Lakes & Great Memes, which honestly could be the same person.
But in the tweet, they state that they have so much love for Crossroads Mall and they even went out of their way to bug Horrocks for the last two years to try to convince them to open a location in Crossroads to help out them all. They said now that the shelter is going to be removed:
No more, not after this. I wish Kohan Retail Investment Group nothing but failure.
I think the majority of the controversy is mad that they feel this will make it more difficult for folks to get to the mall, which, if you’re trying to save it, taking away a route leading to it doesn’t seem like a very wise decision. But I feel there may be some personal angst behind this decision, maybe even to keep out houseless residents.

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