It looks like Santa Claus is coming to town for Christmas once again, as Crossroads Mall in Portage announced Santa will be posted up starting November 30th, and that's not the only thing he's bringing in his sleigh. It looks like there will be 12 businesses opening, 5 of which are permanent.

General Manager Marni Sawicki made the announcement about the openings recently, expressing his excitement for the pop-up shops and also the growth of permanent shopping that will now be available within the mall:

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We have such a great combination of national brand stores and regional & local businesses, that there’s something for everybody here at The Crossroads during the most wonderful time of the year. Along with the holiday cheer, we’re cheering for our new stores and those popping up for the holidays. We’ve always thought of The Crossroads as a gathering place for friends & families and to enhance the experience during the holiday season, we’ll be presenting live performances from area music makers beginning on Black Friday all the way through December 23rd.

You can check out the Crossroads Mall Website for performers, dates, and times.

New Store Openings:

Drip Check- Featuring Men’s Clothing
Three60 Heat- Featuring Sneakers
Cinnabon- December 15th
Texas El Taquero- December 1st
Vapes-N-More- December 1st

Pop-Up Holiday Stores:

My State Designs- Featuring Everything Michigan
Natural Glow
Frizz Freeze
Ascotti Clothing
Christmas Ornaments & More

The holidays are here and it's nice to know that especially during this time not only are there businesses that are getting started up, but also that Crossroads Mall is the home of those businesses, hopefully strengthening the timeline of the mall.

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