A photo of what looks like the Foo Fighters' jet was snapped at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek airport, fueling speculation that the rockers might be in town.

Dave Grohl is living his best life, so is anyone surprised that his band has a private jet? It is ironic, since the Foo Fighters take their name from a term used by World War II pilots, but yes, they did, indeed learn to fly. When Stewart Copeland interviewed the band in 2005, they picked him up in a Gulf Stream IV. For those in a certain tax bracket, planes are like bikes, cars and boats- the only one you think about is the next one. The Foo Fighters later flew an A319 in 2014 and then upgraded to a Boeing 737. Is their newest plane this A220 that was on the tarmac at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport?

The letters "FF" next to the door where passengers board the plane caught the eye of Derek Ketchum as he was driving by the airport. He is actually a professional photographer but didn't have his gear with him, so he snapped this photo with his cellphone. That sure looks like the Foo Fighters logo, doesn't it? Was the plane on its way to Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek for some upgrades?

Digging a little deeper, Breeze Airways is expanding their routes and recently pitched service to cities like West Palm Beach, New Orleans, and Charleston via AZO. This A220 is quite similar to the planes in their fleet. Another commenter noted that "lots of private planes get leased to other folks when they aren’t being used for the tour their [sic] assigned." This last explanation seems to make sense, as the logo on the tail has been painted over and the engines are wrapped in yellow- possibly obscuring the Foo Fighters logo?

The bottom line is, we're not sure. I'd still like to think it was Dave Grohl making a run for Frosted Flakes. Maybe he wanted a Bell's beer straight from the source or decided to pick up a new Heritage Guitar from the factory shop.

As mentioned above, photographer Derek Ketchum grabbed this picture with his cell phone. If you want to see his real work as a professional photographer, check out some rock and roll shots on his Instagram @ketchumphotos.

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