This strange trip that is 2020 continues as the pandemic has no end in sight.  No other time in recent history, outside of the world wars, have we had so much upheaval in the country's schedule.

Obviously, some schedules will be deemed more important than others.  Work schedules, school schedules and family event schedules are certainly on the priority list.  Then there are the sports schedules which many consider frivolous but rally shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

You can't just think that it's a bunch of rich athletes who can afford to skip a season.  There are more livelihoods affected with the shutdown than there are players and these workers continue to be affected with the absence of fans at the events.

Such is the case at Wings Event Center home of the Kwings.  Of course there are many other events at WEC like concerts, festivals, etc. but the bread and butter is hockey.

Get the bread and the butter ready.  the Kwings and the ECHL have just announced details on the start of the 2020-2021 season.  Director of Public Relations and Voice of the Kwings John Peterson laid it all out to us.

The ECHL 2020-2021 season was supposed to start on October 16th of this year and now we're looking at December 4, 2020 to kick off a full 72-game season.  Of course, nothing is ever set in stone these days but the Board of Governors and the Professional Hockey Players Association feel confident that the new date gives the a better chance for success.

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