This may not be a big deal to some but for me it's a HUGE deal.  I think David Spade is one of the most naturally funny people on the planet.  I wasn't expecting to see his stand up act but I guess I will be again on May 3rd at FireKeepers Casino Hotel Events Center..

When I say 'again', I'm referring to October 3, 2001 at University Arena on the campus of Western Michigan University when The Rocker helped put together the Homecoming party featuring The Verve Pipe, David Spade [pictured with my son Ryan and I] and 3 Doors Down.  What a night that was!  Well I can't wait to see him again and maybe recount that night we met and he can fake like he remembers.

Photo by McKelly
Photo by McKelly

I know a lot of people rag on Spade & Sandler and the rest of that bunch but I think their movies are funny and look forward to seeing them.  And Spade is still one of the best stand ups on the planet.  Get more information on the show by clicking HERE.

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