Remember back in 2008 when construction began on the new FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek and many people were up in arms about a gambling establishment in the community?  I said relax you're all jumping to conclusions.  Remember when it opened in August of 2009 and everybody's hair was on fire (no pun intended) that the casino would raise crime levels and bring in drugs and prostitution and anything else they could think of?  And I said you people are reacting out of ignorance and not the facts.  This could be great for people who get to work there and great for the community.  I was right again.

All FireKeepers has done since then is employ hundreds of people, create more jobs in it's periphery, provide one of the best all-around food/entertainment packages in the Midwest, oh, and given millions and millions of dollars back to the community.  That alone would allow many businesses to rest on their laurels.  But no... FireKeepers was just named Best and Brightest company to work for in the nation!  I always say when we stay, they think of everything.  That's for the guests.  Now it looks as though they think of every thing for their employees too.  We should all be proud.  Oh, and,  I was right again!!!!  Get the whole story by clicking HERE.

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