Only one dispensary in Michigan has them and ours is one of only three states nationwide to offer a sweet marijuana edible treat on Dia de los Muertos.

Lately, it occurs to me: what a long, strange trip it's been.

-Grateful Dead, "Truckin'"

Robert Hunter's words are as true today as they were in 1970. Not only is the Grateful Dead song with those lyrics endorsed by the Library of Congress as a national treasure, marijuana, essentially a prerequisite for a Dead concert, is now legal for recreational use in eighteen states.

Pot shops and dispensaries have been popping up in Michigan faster than Dollar Generals and credit unions. More slowly, we're begging to see organized events being put together. Halloweed is planned for October 30 in Muskegon, the first large-scale cannabis event in West Michigan, with food trucks, live bands, and public consumption of marijuana.

Not only is cannabis use becoming normalized, but new specialty products are also being introduced. Some profess to help you relax, others aim to help you sleep faster and better at night. This one is designed to help you remember. (Quit laughing.) Platinum, a company with dispensaries in Michigan, California and Oklahoma has just introduced a special blend for the Dia de los Muertos holiday.

Whether you are celebrating from the comfort of your home or through a video call with your loved ones, Day of the Dead is about honoring those who have come before us and surrounding yourself with comfort...A sweet, tropical flavor with a hint of spice, the indica dominant “Pina de los Muertos” gummy coins are sure to provide the level of comfort you need to celebrate. As you take a trip down memory lane with old photos and indulge in your favorite foods, Platinum’s edible gummies are the perfect addition to your Day of the Dead festivities.

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