Think Detroit is all about decay? These photos may prove otherwise.

When you think of Detroit, you probably think of bankruptcy, violence, and abandoned buildings...but it is so much more than that.  I've never been to Detroit so my friend Patrick took me on a beautiful tour.  We checked out the The Heidelberg Project which is an art installation across several blocks.

It’s an open-air art environment in the heart of an urban community on Detroit’s East Side. Tyree Guyton, founder and artistic director, uses everyday, discarded objects to create a two block area full of color, symbolism, and intrigue.

Some on actual houses with people living in them, and some in the middle of just grass, but it's quite unique.  Sometimes risque, sometimes a little vulgar, but it was awesome!  You can almost feel the struggle the city has gone through and the deeper meaning is remarkable. It's free to drive through and free of charge.

“I strive to be a part of the solution. I see and understand how order is needed in the world and in our individual lives. My experiences have granted me knowledge of how to create art and how to see beauty in everything that exists. ”-The Heidelberg Project creator Tyree Guyton

This neighborhood is full of art made out of trashed and/or broken items collected from around the city.  The photos don't do it justice...

Here are more photos from our trip


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