The Detroit Free Press just absolutely sauteed, roasted, char-grilled, fricasseed, beer-batter deep fried, roasted, baked, air-fried, sous-vide, toasted, and absolutely scorched over Twitter and we're sending our thoughts and prayers to them during this trying time and wish them all the best on their future endeavors. No doubt the blow they just received had them all in their feels, listening to Drake and such.

They thought they were being cute over Twitter on July 15th when they tweeted out a link from their account to an article written by TIME, listing the 50 Greatest Places of 2022, which listed Detroit in that Top 50. took the opportunity to make an unprovoked attack on Detroit, making a joke that, "Detroit made the Top 50. Really. (via Time)." What transpired was a comeback of the century, which stopped them dead in their tracks:

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After this pan fry job, people stepped in to defend Detroit:

Seriously, I'm not sure what prompted the bitterness and diss on Detroit, but after they were dealt that crushing blow, they made no reply, and all of Ohio no doubt had to sit back and reflect.

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