There’s no question that people who are fans of the Detroit Lions are getting excited about the upcoming season. With the culture that has been building in the city over the last few seasons, people are starting to believe that the Detroit Lions are potentially becoming a possible playoff contender.

With Aaron Rodgers, leaving the Green Bay Packers the Lion's only main contender realistically would be the Minnesota Vikings, and they’ve shown that they want to win big games now. A lot of people are betting that they will be making the playoffs this year and for the first time since the 90s, actually win a playoff game. But there are some who believe the Detroit Lions will actually make a decent run in the playoffs like Madden 23.

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The video game has apparently picked the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs via the wildcard and take down the Chicago Bears 17 to 5 then go onto the divisional championship round and defeat the Atlanta Falcons 38 to 31.

It then has the Lions making the NFC championship game where they will lose to the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 5. I don’t know how much stock you put in a video game prediction but regardless, it’s good to see that at least somebody believes the Lions will do some good things this year. We will have to wait it out and see how accurate it is by the end of the season.

For now, we just have to hope they have a strong start to the season, so it doesn't end up being too little-too-late like last year.

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Whether or not the Lions win or lose, there's no doubt the owner is gonna be enjoying Sunday football in style.


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