Detroit Ozzy Osbourne tribute band Crazy Babies are set to make their national television debut when they perform on the Jimmy Fallon produced show 'Clash of The Cover Bands.'

What is Clash of the Cover Bands?

Clash of the Cover Bands which premeired back in Oct is a competition television series that airs on E! The show has Stephen "tWitch" Boss as host, Meghan Trainor and Adam Lambert and Ester Dean as judges. The show is produced by Jimmy Fallon.

Each episode has two bands/artists of similar musical genres, competing with each other in two rounds. The band with the most entertaining cover performance is declared the big winner. The prize money is $10,000 but the grand prize winner gets $25,000 and a chance to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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 Crazy Babies Ozzy Rebourne

Formed in 2015, Crazy Babies has since built a solid reputation across the country as the premier Ozzy tribute act with a setlist that features Ozzy's solo material as well as popular classics from the Black Sabbath era. You may have caught the band years ago when they performed in Flint at The Machine Shop.

I recently talked talked with singer Boyd 'Ozzy' Quinton about their experience on the show.

How did you get picked to be on Clash of the Cover Bands?

I don't know if Jimmy Fallon's people just went online and found us and watched our videos and thought, these guys are pretty dang close to Ozzy. I'm not really sure how that process happened but I think they found us online.

What's it like performing with Adam Lambert watching and juding your every move?

Just like Ozzy, when I do a show live, I really connect with the audience and draw everybody in. But there it's different, it didn't bother me at all that there were stars in front of me like Adam Lambert and Meghan Trainor, it didn't distract me or change my performance at all. However, I did wonder if the crowd was really into it or were they being told to clap or whatever. It's a little different being in a studio like that compared to an audience that came there to see you.

We'll have more from the band after their episode airs next week.

When Will Crazy Babies Perform on Clash of the Cover Bands?

Watch Crazy Babies perform on Clash of the Cover Bands this Wednesday, December 15 at 9:30 pm on E!.

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