#WednesdayWisdom: Detroit residents were the first in the U.S. to have phone numbers for a very good reason. 

It comes as no surprise that Michigan led the way when it came to the auto industry.  But, telephones?  Yep, Detroit was growing at a rapid pace in the late 1800's according to movoto.com,

Detroit residents were the first in the nation to have phone numbers. It seems that by 1879, the city had grown so large that operator were no longer able to route the calls by name alone.

The first phone call was made just 3 years earlier (March 10, 1876) when Alexander Graham Bell sat in New York city and called his assistant Mr. Watson in Chicago.

The first commercial telephone popped up in Michigan in 1877 and I bet it looks nothing like what you would expect.  Click here to see a picture of that phone.

Then there's the first cell phone call...would you believe that happened in 1973?  I would have guessed 1985.  I would have been very wrong.


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