Bewitched was a classic show and was always on tv in the 90's. You can still find the show today, but even for being a black and white presentation, it still stood the test of time through the years. One of the main stars of the show was actor Dick York, and although he was raised in Chicago, he was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Strangely enough, his passing would take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but not before his one last great act of charity, while living in Rockford. Classic Retrovision Milestones recently honored York, detailing his life:

York, a three-pack-a-day smoker, spent his final years battling emphysema. While bedridden in his Rockford, Michigan, home, he founded Acting for Life, a private charity to help the homeless and others in need. Using his telephone as his pulpit, York motivated politicians, business people, and the general public to contribute supplies and money.

No Regrets

Although York was passing away from cancer, he remained positive and hopeful in his final days, saying:

I've been blessed. I have no complaints. I've been surrounded by people in radio, on stage and in motion pictures and television who love me. The things that have gone wrong have been simply physical things.

York later passed away of complications from emphysema at Blodgett Hospital in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 20, 1992 at the age of 63 and is buried in Plainfield Cemetery in Rockford, Michigan. The 30th anniversary of his passing reflects on how the man made sure his legacy would hopefully make a positive impact, and one that I feel more people should aspire for.

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