Being "famous" for something can either be a good or bad thing. Florida, for example, is known for alligators, hurricanes, and the absolute insanity that seems to be a daily occurrence throughout the state.

However, this lakeside town is apparently famous for...a burger?

New Buffalo is the location of Southwest Michigan's first gambling casino, offers plenty of lakefront beaches for those visiting, and is often a stop for those traveling from Indiana, Michigan, or those on their way to Chicago.

But, the thing that may have put New Buffalo on the map, metaphorically speaking, is Redmak's.

Redmak's has been in the New Buffalo area since the 1940s when it began as a very tiny Mom and Pop type place. It was taken over by the current owners in the 70s who continue to create an environment that is, clearly, very welcoming.

Their literal slogan is "the burger that made New Buffalo famous". Reading through their history on their website, there wasn't a specific event or even an incredibly unique burger that set them apart. Not like this giant burger in Detroit:

In fact, they apparently top their burgers with Velveeta cheese.

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What seems to have set Redmak's apart is their abundance of customer service which they call their "lifeblood". And, their reviews reflect that:

Redamaks has awesome burgers with a cheese option of Velveeta - delicious. Great soups, fast service, reasonable prices. - Bill S. 

Another fine burger experience at Redamak's. Double cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake hit the spot. We visited 2 weeks before they were set to close for the season, it was busy at always so expect to wait a bit, really good basic burger and crinkle fries. - John D. 

Outstanding burgers! Service was friendly and fast! Definitely recommend 1/2 pound burger. Cooked perfectly! Will be back again! - Mark S. 

Great place for burgers and kid friendly options. love the portions on appetizers! - DeAnn K. 

Great customer service combined with consistency in the quality of their dishes over the course of almost 50 years? No wonder they've become "famous". They were also voted the best burger of Michiana in April of 2021:

Those chunks of cheese on top do look INCREDIBLY appetizing.

Like many Michigan places, Redmak's closes seasonally. And, it just so happens that today (4/1/22) marks their first day of the season:

You can find Redmak's menus, hours, and even apply for open jobs on their website.

It's incredible how tiny businesses can create a huge fanbase. Much like this little Thai place in Marquette:

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